Student Aid - The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship is designed to provide eligible students with an award to cover their tuition fees and other reasonable costs related to educational costs and living costs. The student should be training to become dentists, nurse practitioners, primary care physicians, physician assistants or nurse-midwives, and should be willing to give between two and four years of service in a National Health Service Corps approved site where there is deemed to be the greater professional shortage or greatest need.

Student applications for awards are accepted once a year, and students should be enrolled or accepted for enrolment in accredited training programmes for health professions. Students may apply before their first year of study or after one or more years of schooling have been completed. The application for the award itself should be completed and submitted online, and any extra forms and documents should be submitted separately on paper. Students will need to send proof of their US citizenship, their academic transcript, a resume of no more than five pages, school evaluations and essays in response to prompts. Students should ensure that their applications are timely, as applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Although all students with eligibility and with the desire to work where they are most needed are encouraged to apply, scholarships are generally granted with repeat to the following priorities: First are ex-NHSC scholars who are in need of extra support. Next are scholarships for students deemed to be in exceptional financial need, and these are typically students enrolled in either medical or dental school. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are another priority group.

Those students that have been successful in their applications for the NHSC scholarship will receive either an e-mail notification or a mail letter by September 30th. The successful applicant should then send an immediately reply in order to accept the award. Your award notification will state a deadline for your reply, and, in the event that you fail to reply and accept the award by this deadline your offer will expire. For those unsuccessful applicants notification will be sent by October 31st. Be sure to make the most of all your applications as well by applying for education grants that may be available to help support your education in addition to the scholarship as well.

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