Essential Information About Nurse Practitioner Grants

The medical industry is changing rapidly, and numerous health care facilities need certified professionals to fill various employment positions. However, there are more job openings than there are educated and trained nurses to take these career opportunities. Several organizations and institutions solve this problem by offering grants that motivate nurses to obtain an advanced degree and special training in their field.

Different Sectors That Provide Grants For Advanced Degree in Nursing

These are among the numerous institutions that provide scholarships to nurses, so they can attain higher education and refine their professional skills.

1. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

The AANP Foundation expresses its commitment to support education and training of nurses. This nonprofit organization funds a number of nurse practitioner grants for professional development. Since the medical field can benefit from employing qualified nurses, they need to have extensive skills in carrying out their responsibilities. The AANP awards these grant incentives to eligible students each year.

2. National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health or NIH offers a wide variety of grant programs for advanced nursing and health care degrees. Interested students can learn about the application process and different options for scholarships at the official website of the NIH. The organization provides a single application that is valid for different types of grants.

3. The National Nurse Practitioner Symposium

Nursing students can avail of incentives funded by the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium. For instance, it caters to the needs of nursing students by supporting the advanced degree educational scholarship. This applies to students enrolled in a graduate program for nurses. In addition, the NNPS rewards $500 to students in the master's level who attends the yearly symposium.

4. The Academy of Neonatal Nursing

The Academy of Neonatal Nursing extends its services to deserving students who specialize in neonatal medicine. The ANN supports nursing students by funding grants for further training and education. Qualified students may receive the Ingrid Josefin Ridky scholarship, an incentive offered annually. This is applicable to a nursing student who plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career as a neonatal nurse specialist.

5. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

This institution intends to deliver numerous services to aspiring pediatric nurse practitioners. Nursing students who lack funds or financial resources to continue their education may apply for grants. Through these scholarships, the institution aims to promote excellent health care for children. With advanced skills and education, students can provide the best support to numerous patients.

6. Rochester University

The university has a remarkable graduate program for nursing students. Aside from offering excellent education programs, Rochester University works with institutions that fund students' further studies. One of the incentives that students can avail is the March of Dimes grant, which is worth $5000. Eligible applicants are registered nurses who wish to specialize in neonatal or obstetrics practice nursing.

These institutions support nursing students who intend to pursue advanced education for professional development. With these opportunities, nurses can provide the best services to patients who need optimum care.

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