Clinique Photos: a new accession

An excellent run of photographs in LHSA’s collection is that of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Residents, of which there is almost a complete set from 1880 – 1973, with a number of older and more recent photographs (the oldest dates from 1865). These are an excellent source of images of famous medical staff during their training in Edinburgh. The collection as a whole is fascinating to look at, not only for finding famous individuals or ancestors; but for charting changing styles of dress and appearance, spotting the appearance of women from the 1940s onwards (although the first female resident was appointed in 1920), men in service uniform during the war years, and the odd residency pet!

Mr WJ Stuart Clinique, Winter 1925

A similar series of photographs, which is not so well represented, is that of the Cliniques. In these classes, a number of Edinburgh practitioners taught smaller groups of medical students in their specialisms. A gift of two photographs recently accessioned by LHSA (Acc 12/032) has helped to fill some of the gaps. The photographs show the Cliniques of Mr WJ Stuart in Winter 1925, and Dr Edwin Matthew in Spring 1926. 

A selection of the residents’ photos can be viewed on the following webpage: RIE Residents