On the tenth day of Christmas...

...my true gave to me...the piper at Craig House.

I know there is only one piper, and not ten, in this image but it fits in with the song! The caption for this picture from 1951 reads, "Well Known Character at Craig House”. It is not clear what he was piping in celebration of but it was on a lovely sunny spring day.

In April, LHSA staff were privileged to be given a tour of the Craig House campus by a member of Napier University Press Office staff, and took a selection of current photographs of the estate before new developments take place. Craig House was opened in 1894 for paying private patients, as part of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and in the style of a large country house. This was a very interesting visit, as some of the most popular records in our collection are from this Hospital and it was exciting to see where many of these records were produced, and also to see that so many of the interiors and fittings in the buildings have changed little from their original use.

The piper at Craig House, 1951