From visiting to visited

In last week’s blog we posted about a recent visit to our sister archive service in Glasgow, and this week we’ve turned the tables and it’s all about visitors to LHSA. Just as our trips to other archives have strengthened professional relationships and forged links between our related collections, we are keen to use these visits to us to help widen the Archive’s audience and help spread the word about the material we hold and the work that we do.

November has been a busy month for visitors to LHSA. We have given tours to members of NHS Lothian staff, Edinburgh University students, potential volunteers, fellow professionals and a postgraduate student on the University of Glasgow Information Management and Preservation MSc course, who then went on to stay with us for a two-week work placement. (Sharon blogged about this on 9 November.) Sharon has been joined by seven other volunteers this month and, of course, we’ve had visitors to the CRC reading room to consult LHSA material for their research.

Our visitors all came to find out more about LHSA – its collections and services – but some have also used the visit to draw on the experience of our archive and conservation-trained staff. If you would like to follow in their footsteps, please get in touch.

While all our visitors have different reasons behind their interest in the Archive, most agree that the view from our office and the reading room (a perk of an in-person visit) is pretty spectacular!
The last of the sunrise over the Pentland Hills this morning